Telephone Monitoring Tool

With the new accrediting councils, local and federal government scrutiny on for-profit schools, it is important for schools to implement methods to assure that admissions reps and are complying with your school's telephone interview process and are not asking or making discriminatory or non-compliant statments. In addition having the ability to assess the results of your markeitng efforts can greatly assist with increasing your lead flow. Our digital phone monitoring tool is design to help you with monitoring all your inbound calls, record and assess your reps phone interviews as well as track your marketing efforts.


Track Your Campaign Results-Get a different numbers for each campaign and get reports to track your marketing efforts.

Types of Numbers

  • Toll Free Vanity- Vanity numbers will allow you to personalized you print or TV campaigns. .
  • Repeater Numbers- Easy to remember vanity numbers or repeater numbers 800,866,877
  • Website Click to Call Number- Receive calls directly from your website or webpage with a simple click of a button. 
Complementary System Set-up and Training- We will assist you with setting up your phone tracking tools and will train a designated staff member on how to use the system at no additional cost to you.

Call Recording Online 24/7

  • Listen to Recordings On-line With the Call Recording feature, you will be able to listen to recorded calls online.
    Use the system storage service or download recorded calls to your system. You can also search for a specific recorded call by date, recording length, or calls from/to a specific number.
  • E-mail Recordings-  E-mail recording to your manager, training, disciplinary staff members in real time 
  • Customer Service Monitoring- They say that the first impression is everything. When a client contacts you place of business how are they handled.
    Is your staff providing great customer service? Is your staff follow in you company’s policies and procedure when answering questions? Is your staff in compliance? Now you will know.
  • Training Tools- Us call recordings to training your staff to provide great customer service, to follow company policies and procedures and to stay in compliance.  

24/7 Customer Service - Our Telephone Monitoring System will provide you with  24/7 customer service. 

Generate Marketing Analysis Reports-  Do you really know how many leads each of your marketing campaigns are generating? Now you will be able to truly get a clear picture of how each of your campaigns are working for you. Assign a different name and 800 numbers to each of your advertising campaigns and analyze the results in real-time.

Track Marketing Expense- Months after you place your ads will you remember how much you spent and how well they worked? This unique marketing tool allows you to enter your marketing expenses and track your cost per call. You will then be able to refer back to ads that worked and reuse them saving you time and money.

Track Call Geographic Area- Another great way to maximize on your marketing is by knowing the areas where you are attracting clients. This is a great way to add additional marketing resources in areas that have a high chance of attracting clients that well call show and enroll.

Address Look-up- It is a well known fact that sometimes it takes several attempt before customer make decisions to buy.  Therefore obtaining contact information from your callers is vital to keeping leads alive. You will now be able to activate the Address Lookup feature and display your most of your callers’ addresses.

Virtual PBX (Auto Attendant)- Integrate your number with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that can contain multiple menus, greetings, and extensions. Our customer service department will work with you to decide on the programming that will best fit your needs, and will record or upload any custom menu greetings needed. The Virtual PBX is completely hosted by the system; there is no hardware to buy or software to install.

Call Announcement- Play a brief announcement before your calls are connected. You can customize the announcement to identify which toll free number was dialed, which ad the caller was answering or any similar kind of message you choose. This is especially helpful when using a phone that doesn't display Caller ID, or when multiple 800 numbers ring to the same phone number.

Hunt Groups- Distribute your calls between multiple numbers using hunt groups. Choose to distribute your calls evenly amongst a group of numbers or sequentially in a specified number order. This feature includes an optional greeting to play to your callers before hunting begins, music on hold, and several end of hunt options.