Mystery Shopping Q&A

RandG Consulting LLC (R&GC) has been providing sales, marketing and operational consulting assistance to post-secondary schools throughout the United States since 2005. We are expanding to provide secret shopping services to schools that are interested in understanding how their customers are perceiving their school, their program offerings and to assure that their staff are providing great customer service to prospective and current students. 

What are Mystery Shoppers?        

What type of training is provided for shoppers? 

How does RandG Consulting compare to other mystery shopping companies?  

How are shoppers assigned a job? 

How can I qualify to be a Mystery Shopper?

How are shopping results submitted? 

How are shoppers paid?       

Does RandG Consulting charge shoppers any fees per assignment?

What are RandG Consulting terms and conditions?                                                            

What are RandG Consulting requirements?  

What are the requirments to be a mystery shopper?   


What are Mystery Shoppers?

Mystery Shoppers are individuals that visit or call our client's companies for the purpose of gathering consumer insights and providing important logistical information. It is a fun way to make money while providing valuable feedback to schools in your local area. 

Shoppers acting as potential students for our consumers have the opportunity to get paid for their feedback: 

  • Get paid for calling schools to request information
  • Get paid for interviewing with schools' admissions staff
  • Get paid for attending informational workshop

Many schools spend millions of dollars advertising to consumers like you. Our shoppers help these companies optimize the customer and student experience on all levels. 

How does RandG Consulting compare to other mystery shopping companies? 

Most mystery shopping companies focus on general retail shopping services. At RG&C we have over 25 years of experience assisting small and large post-secondary training organization with increasing their enrollments  by providing great customer service. We consider ourselves a partner that understands all aspects of post-secondary school operations. We provide feedback through a variety of channels such as: the trained eye of our shoppers, written reports, audio and video recordings as well as customer surveys. 

How can I qualify to be a shopper? 

All you need to do is complete the application on our site. The application and registration process is easy. It should take just 15 minutes of your time. We may also call you to conduct a phone interview. Upon acceptance of your application, we e-mail you with instructions on how to proceed as a brand new member of the RG&C team. 

What type of training is provided for Mystery Shoppers? 

We provide training to all our shoppers through written articles and one-on-one coaching via conference call as assignment arise. 

How are Mystery Shoppers assigned a job? 

When we have a shopping opportunity in your local area, we will first send you the location of the company and the time frame for completing the shop. This will allow you to determine if you would be interested in the assignment. Once you accept the assignment, we will send you all the details of the type of shop the client is seeking. We will also send you any material and recording device(s) needed to perform the shop. We will also conduct the appropriate training.

How are shopping results submitted? 

This is where shoppers have an opportunity to shine. Shoppers will provide detail and quality feedback on our client’s products and services via online written reports, surveys, audio and video recordings etc.  

How are Mystery Shoppers paid?

Payments will be made once assignments are completed, all materials and recording devices are returned in good working order (RG&C will pay for all shipping and handling). Checks are mailed out on the 15th and 30th of each month .

Does R&G Consulting charge shoppers any fees for assignments? 

Absolutely not! You will never be charged a fee of any kind for assignments or for being a member of our team. We also recommend that you NEVER work with any company the charges you for any reason regardless how good their opportunity sounds.

What are RandG Consulting's terms and conditions?

During the application process all applicants will be asked to read and accept our terms and conditions as well as the provisions of the privacy policy.

What are your requirements?

Applicants must have and be equipped with the following: 

  • Cell or Home Phone- All shoppers must have a working cell or home phone.
  • Computer- A good percentage of our communication with shoppers is conducted online. For example: all assignment information is sent via e-mail,shoppers will also be required to confirm acceptance of assignment via e-mail, all shopping reports are completed online etc. For all these reason shoppers must be equipped with a working computer.
  • E-mail Address- We do most of our communication, with shoppers, via e-mail it is therefore essential that applicant have an e-mail address.
  • Mode of Transportation- Shoppers must be able to get to their assigned shopping site through mass transit or by automobile. 
  • Good Verbal Communication- Depending on the assignment, shoppers will be communicating either over the phone or in person. It is therefore pivotal that shoppers have good verbal communication. 
  • Good observation skills- Shoppers must have the ability to be aware of their surrounding at all times. 
  • Ability to follow instructions- Assignment will vary depending on our client's needs. In some cases shoppers will be required to use various mediums to contact and communicate with a school i.e. cell or home phone, e-mail, texting, in person interviews etc. It is therefore important that shopper have the ability to follow specific instructions.
  • Dependability- Along with following instructions, shoppers must complete their assignment by specific due dates. We ask shoppers that have time restraints not to accept an assignment they feel they cannot complete on time. Failure to turn reports in on time may disqualify a shopper for future assignments.

What are RandG Consulting's termination terms? 

Be advised that in the vast majority of cases involving termination of shoppers' accounts, the decision will stand as final. Terminations only occur in the most severe cases of violations of R&GC terms and conditions. Shoppers that believe they were wrongfully  terminated, may submit their case and a full explanation to However, terminations are rarely overturned.